The ADG Culture

As an engineering firm, our culture and values go well beyond achieving the best outcome delivery for our clients.


We challenge ourselves and convention to create unique, focused and sustainable solutions which add value to our customers and stakeholders. We foster a culture of continual learning through partnership with industry and education.

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We are proud to live with integrity, Our honesty and authenticity earn respect and trust. This is demonstrated through collaboration with our team, clients, community and peers.

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We empower our people with a culture of trust and support. Our strength lies with a talented and diverse team whose agility is not bound by geography or sector. We collaborate with our clients and share the benefits of innovative solutions.

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We share a passion for what we do and why we do it. Our passion drives our day to day activities and relationships and underpins our sense of urgency to deliver on our promises.

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Our project teams are multi-disciplinary, using our combined strength and expertise to provide the best possible outcome for our clients. We communicate across offices, states and countries with our colleagues, partners and clients.

We don’t just grow in terms of our job titles. We are continually learning new approaches to design, collaborating with engineers, draftspeople and technicians across multiple disciplines and drawing from the knowledge and experience of our leadership team.

If we require advanced technology, we find it.

If we need to think about a problem differently to achieve the right outcome, we do it.

If we have an idea which will save our clients time, money and risk, we speak up.

We think differently

Led by an experienced, responsive and engaged team of senior engineers, our hands-on management team is dedicated to guiding our staff through all projects and sharing their knowledge.

Focused on solutions and problem solving, there is no detail too small, no issue too inconsequential - the lines of communication with our approachable leaders is always open and accessible.

The team at ADG regularly gets together to hear about our new projects, new technology and simply to catch up.

2019 Staff Awards

Since 2011, ADG have recognised and celebrated the contributions of our staff to our business culture and success with our annual staff awards. The winners are voted by the entire company - the leadership team, the managers and the team members, so each recipient is incredibly deserving and is well respected by our team.

Miles Goodwin

ADG Excellence Award

Adam Patroney

Outstanding Achievement Award

John Cillekens

Team Player Award

Kenneth Venkataramiah

Team Player Award

Kevin Corlett

ADG Innovation Award

Stuart Thienpont

Embracing and Driving ADG Culture

Miles Goodwin


Miles Goodwin, ADG Excellence Award

"Miles has constantly produced innovative work that can push ADG forward in terms of efficiency and expertise. He is one is the hardest working people I've had the pleasure of working with, and he also gives 100% on every aspect of each project he is involved with."


Adam Patroney, Outstanding Achievement Award

"Adam has spent the past twelve months delivering top quality modelling and documentation for the Sunshine Coast Office, whilst also upskilling himself and others in visual programming, resulting in the development of multiple scripts that have saved ADG extensive time and energy."

Adam Patrony
John Cillekens



John Cillekens, Team Player Award

"John always has time to answer questions and mentor young engineers, sharing his expertise for their betterment. He always has a positive attitude, particularly when dealing with stressful project situations, allowing the team to rationally solve complex problems with his complete support."


Kevin Corlett, ADG Innovation Award

"With an inherent hunger for innovation, Kevin has managed to balance his project responsibilities with tireless progression of innovation projects, to improve and automate our modelling and analysis processes."

Kevin Corlett
Stuart Thienpont


Stuart Thienpont, Embracing and Driving ADG Culture

"Stuart has consistently driven the ADG values in all his interactions, both internally and externally, harnessing his positive mindset, curiosity and hands on attitude to deliver project outcomes. He's a wonderful asset to any team and takes the time to listen/understand the needs of his peers, clients and overall project to come up with the best outcome possible."

Graduate Program


Undergraduate Work Experience

Each year, ADG invites applications for work experience placements for undergraduate engineers in their final two years of study. Students studying structural and civil engineering are welcome to apply for vacation work experience in all offices across Australia.

We are committed to supporting our engineering and education community by providing industry placements for students with a requirement to complete compulsory practical hours.


Engineering Graduates

Our Graduate Program opens each year in February and we invite engineering graduates to apply. Our program is one of the most exciting, hands-on experience that launches graduates straight into the industry, and we have positions available in all offices across Australia. Our graduates start on real projects from day one, are provided with exceptional mentoring from colleagues at all levels of experience, and are encouraged to collaborate, question and influence the projects they work on. Our culture welcomes self-motivated individuals who are looking for a long term, evolving position and a chance to lead and mentor future project teams.

Positions are available in our Structural, Construction Services and Civil engineering teams.


Key Dates

Undergraduate Work Experience - 2020/21

Applications open: 01 April 2020

Applications close: 31 July 2020*

Graduate Program - 2021

Applications open: 02 March 2020

Applications close: 31 July 2020*

*Application close date may vary subject to available positions being filled.


Scholarship Programs


The UQ ADG Scholarship

Each year we award an annual prize of $5,000 for students in the second, third and fourth years of their Bachelor of Engineering. We began this in 2014 to encourage and support Civil Engineering students who have been educationally disadvantaged as a result of their financial, geographic or cultural circumstances.


The Griffith ADG Scholarship

Each year we award two $1,000 prizes for female students enrolling in a Bachelor of Engineering at the Gold Coast Campus. This scholarship encourages female participation in the engineering professional field and aims to assist them with their financial commitments while studying.

Work with us

If you are looking to explore your potential in an innovative, encouraging and solutions-focused environment, we'd love to hear from you.

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