When we create efficiencies in design through progressive and
innovative approaches,

we create enduring, resilient solutions.


Engineering for Government organisations and departments requires a strong understanding of how economic, environmental and social requirements come together to create useable infrastructure and facilities with long life-cycles.

Our closely aligned civil/environmental capability leads many Government projects through their complex approvals phases, guiding decision makers through the social and environmental concerns that can be pivotal to a project’s success.

We work closely with planners in local and state government and the Environmental agencies that make critical and influential decisions on a project’s progress.

Our multi-disciplinary team brings civil, environmental, structural and hydraulic skills to every project as needed, and makes best use of the resources, materials and budget available.

Our team has an enormous breadth of experience in the delivery of schools, universities, roads, hospitals and utilities. Our depth allows us to handle most engineering requirements in-house, streamlining communications and taking solid accountability for project outcomes.