ADG have an extensive and proven track record working in infrastructure development.


Our team understand that as consultants, our responsibility is to make our clients life as easy as possible.

We will always challenge, interrogate and question the outcome and make recommendations accordingly, while providing alternatives to mainstream thinking while driving value for money and fit for purpose outcomes. Our team understands that design and construction cannot be undertaken independent of each other and that the ability to influence project outcomes is in the planning stage rather than the delivery stage - low cost, high return outcomes.

ADG’s team are outcome and delivery focused and take particular pride in generating collaborative “suggest and test” culture with all invited stakeholders, to resolve all design challenges and deliver optimal fit for purpose, value for money outcomes. We understand that each phase provides the foundation for the next, always concentrating on eliminating sunk works. Our team focus’ on providing solutions with cost benefit ratios that compete exceptionally for available funds, with the intent being, approval for the next phase, and ultimately, construction.

Our years of experience working hand in hand with construction contractors, allows us to manage a projects delivery with risks, concerns, issues or clashes.

Our intention is to interrogate the work undertaken to date and present our clients with the optimal philosophy to be adopted to deliver the projects’ strategic drivers and objectives. We then work collaboratively with our clients to agree a strategy going forward.

From our experience, closing out the issues at the front end planning stage of any project results in low cost and high return outcomes thereafter.