From Bromelton to the world: Opening up intermodal opportunity

Nucleus is set to be the largest unconstrained strategic freight precinct in South-East Queensland. Positioned right on the Sydney to Brisbane railway line, it will offer industries dependent on intermodal freight handling, the efficiency they need in a rapidly growing world.

For the last few years, Brisbane and South East Queensland have seen only limited development of freight and logistics friendly industrial precincts, largely due to the GFC. But the expansion of the population is driving increased freight requirements for many industries and changing the dynamics of freight handling. Companies of a wide variety are reviewing their materials handling, considering how they can warehouse and transport it more efficiently, moving goods throughout Australia or throughout the world. Reducing cost and meeting deadlines for delivery will be easy from Bromelton, thanks to its direct linkage to those main rail lines and connection to arterial roads.

Some of the studies associated with this project have suggested that an established intermodal operation at Bromelton may see savings in excess of 20% when compared against direct road freight. This is sizeable in the sensitive economy we are in.

The Bromelton site is a designated State Development Area that offers direct access to two major arterial roads, and will offer the staged development of an advanced rail siding. The major arterials around the site are all committed for major upgrades, as is the Sydney to Melbourne rail line, which will no doubt be an attractive improvement.

Our team is working on the civil, electrical and traffic design of this multi stage project, which will continue for up to 10 years. All going well we should expect to be seeing signs of construction in mid to late 2014.