Unitywater Accreditation and Certification


On 1 July 2017, Unitywater commenced an Accreditation and Certification (A&C) scheme seeking to improve the assessment process for the development industry.  ADG Engineers was one of the first consultants on the accreditation register when the new scheme was brought online in March 2018.

By allowing qualified Civil Engineer’s the ability to assess and approve minor and major applications, the new scheme will not only benefit Unitywater staff with reduced assessment hours but provide improved outcome for their customers and projects.

As accredited certifiers, ADG Engineers can provide prompt turnaround of assessments and enable projects to come on-line sooner. Lead by Michael Van Itallie, our Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast Civil Teams can deliver design, documentation, assessment and final conditioned approvals significantly faster than the current assessment process; resulting in improved financial outcomes through time savings and reducing lost interest charges.

ADG have been very effective in all aspects of water and sewer services to date. Utilising our understanding of the SEQ code, site constraints and budget requirements, we have successfully gained approval on many constrained development sites.

In addition to standard design practices, ADG has been providing Unitywater with Water and Sewer Network Analysis reports across the catchment. Due to higher density infill developments, Unitywater requires new developments that have greater than 10% over the programmed network loading to issue a Water and Sewer Network Analysis report. This report entails utilising the existing and future programmed modelling to identify what impacts, if any, are there on Unitywater infrastructure. At ADG, understanding the commercial implications from engineering design decisions is a critical part of our culture. These specialised reports include consultation with our clients to identify both opportunities and constraints.

ADG has significant experience with modelling and providing network modelling services to QUU and GCCC for many years. Additionally, we are working on network assessments in Darwin for PWC.

If you have any questions about the Accreditation and Certification scheme or our network modelling services, please feel free to get in contact with our team on 1300 657 402.

John Ghobrial – National

Michael Van Itallie – Sunshine Coast

Cameron Moore – Brisbane

Michael Lepelaar – Gold Coast

Chris Moll – Darwin