Outstanding Achievement Award

Vanessa McHugh

Outstanding work in delivering and supporting the ADG Quality Assurance program.
Excellent training and communication throughout the business and efforts towards the continuous improvement of our systems and processes in relation to QA.

Team Player Award

Justin Baker

Consistently going above and beyond what is required and/or expected, taking full responsibility for not only his own his work but also his peers work, the office workload and the quality of our product.  Will not shy away from any task even if it not in his job description and is an all-round good guy who adds a lot to the culture of the Darwin office.

The ADG Excellence Award

Maddison Ashmole

For efficiency and speed with proposals and reports. Also a very positive and proactive approach.
She expertly manages her role as project coordinator, relieving pressure on managers and ensuring fee deadlines are met!
Maddison always produces outstanding quality work, is always smiling and happy to help. She is reliable, organised and is due to be recognised for her ongoing achievements and commitment to ADG.

Peer Recognised Excellence

Dominic English

Dominic has taken on a number of challenging designs throughout the year and has demonstrated impressive versatility in being able to work on projects run out of each of the offices. Dominic displays a solid work ethic and always makes the time to assist with training of the junior team members when required. 

Adam Norris

Adam has been a team player throughout his time with ADG. He commenced in tensioned membranes, then transitioned into structural, then transitioned into Construction services. He has applied his depth of drafting and engineering knowledge to a vast array of applications, and has committed himself for the past 12 months to developing our in-house construction services/ temporary works capability from scratch. He is a key team player and we are thankful to have someone so willing to branch out and do what is required for the best of the team.

Adam’s efforts this year to take on the Drafting Team Lead role and develop it from zero to hero whilst assisting with client relations, educating and developing Ben Morgan as draftsman, dealing with the fast paced nature of the CS division, working hours over and above those required, building a brand new library and keeping a “can do” attitude whilst always having a smile on his face have been amazing.

The Division has gone from strength to strength completely on the back of his efforts and I cannot recommend him highly enough, is has been a monster effort in Construction Services drafting.

Embracing and Driving ADG Culture

Dalton Glasby

Dalton brings a lot of character to the structural team and fits in well with all levels of management. He exhibits expertise beyond his level of experience with regard to design and management of projects.

Aside from being an all-round top bloke and a good friend to all, Dalton has absolutely smashed out a solid year with us and has come extremely far despite only just graduating. He has been hard working, pummelling through everything that has been thrown at him. He’s been loyal, staying with the ship when it was sinking and driving it back afloat. He’s been solid, never missing a beat, even though his own ups and downs and all his other commitments outside of work. He’s smashed his last year of Uni with honours whilst giving 150% to us at ADG. It’s a pleasure working with him and he definitely deserves recognition for his commitment and hard work.

Natasha Bertinazzi

Natasha has constantly kicked goals through the year, taking on hard projects and hard clients.  Her clear communication and engineering abilities has been an outstanding resource for those of us who were lucky enough to work with her.  

Natasha is always helpful whenever I have to deal with her. She is a good communicator and generally a great person to work with.

Consistently performing at a level beyond her years and experience whilst handling stress and difficult clients/contractors with ease.

Matthew Brown

Matt has taken on his niche in the water and sewer network modelling, on top of the standard engineering projects to enable our department to reach further than it has before.  His technical ability is the only way this could have been achieved and we are grateful for this resource, as it has helped build the Civil business in the Sunshine Coast.

Ashton Genrich

2015 saw Ashton move into a full time drafting role where he has excelled beyond expectations, being attentive whilst being mentored and delivering high quality level of work and quickly become a valuable asset to the team and the business. 

To highlight one of Ashton great achievements, he undertook the task of developing and standardising procedures and workflows within Bluebeam, deploying this through the group and managing its constant niggles and updates. This is now proven to be an extremely valuable tool within the ADG business paving the way to be more efficient and paperless.  Outstanding effort Ashton and keep up the good work. 

Tim Fairlie

Tim has taken on the responsibility for the production of the GC structural department and he displays initiative and good communication and has quickly become indispensable to BT and the greater team. 

Tim kept the GC structural team running while BT was away after only being with ADG for a short time.  He is also always willing to assist teammates and clients and is proactive in responding to their needs.

Istvan Gaal

Istvan represents and lives by ADG’s core values. He is always open for a discussion about engineering problems and has a unique way of coming up with innovative solutions. His solutions are also recognized by our clients and majority of his ideas are adopted by other people in the office as well. He is very passionate about his work and it is reflected in his attitude towards work colleagues.  He has been very supportive towards all members of the Darwin office and he helps draftsmen and engineers to develop and get better understanding of construction and design procedures. He is a trusted and great team player.