Hutchinson Builders


$300 million

Brisbane, Queensland

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The development of a 13-storey commercial space, made complex by the requirement to build over an existing nine level carpark within inner-city Brisbane.


ADG’s innovative approach to design and the team’s specialist capabilities allowed this complex development to be constructed on time and within budget.

53 Albert Street


Brisbane, Queensland

Working with Hutchinson Builders, ADG Engineers rose to the challenge of redeveloping a Kings Parking station on the corner of Albert and Margaret Streets in Brisbane’s CBD. The project involved maintaining the existing 9 level car park constructed in the 1980s as well as adding 13 levels of commercial office space above.

A complex framework of steelwork bracing frames, fully designed and documented by ADG, was installed through the existing carpark levels to laterally brace the existing framing. The braces allowed the existing shear cores and their foundations to be completely cut out and replaced with a storage-upgraded shear core without compromising safety, as well as being faster and cheaper than strengthening the existing cores. The new core was then tied back into the old building using post-tensioned reinforcement.

As the new works continued, shear walls and cores were installed and the use of a post-tensioned coupling system was adopted to lock the old structure and the new together.

A deep transfer slab used to support the new commercial space and transfer of loads into the new supporting structure was designed to be poured in layers. This ensured the existing carpark slabs below were not overloaded during construction and formwork and propping required was kept to a minimum.