Moreton Bay Regional Council


$10 million

Moreton Bay Region, Queensland

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ADG led a multidisciplinary team of internal staff and sub-consultants to provide the right outcome for Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC). ADG have led the understanding and mapping of the constraints and opportunities which has included liaison with TMR North Coast regarding the tie in of our project to the Boundary Road interchange upgrade on the Bruce Highway.


An initial Sidra Analysis required traffic queue lengths in excess of 230m to the north and 240m to the south meant that existing culverts at these locations would require extending.

Boundary Road and Old Gympie Road Intersection Upgrade


Moreton Bay Region, Queensland

ADG took the initiative to attempt to minimise the design expenditure, project footprint, impacts and costs, incorporating the culverts as further constraints and determined the queue lengths/design year that can be achieved in doing so. To further assist in optimising the design life of the proposed intersection upgrade, the northern leg pedestrian crossing was removed to increase the green time on all other legs. This resulted in achieving a 2031 design life for the intersection without requiring the existing culverts to be extended.

ADG provided the right outcome on the project by providing an outstanding level of service, delivering documentation in a timely manner, project managing the project and keeping the client informed at all times, paying attention to detail, and providing concise technical drawings. This reduced the risk for MBRC by providing a surety of construction cost, further enhancing the already solid relationship between ADG and MBRC.