Hutchinson Builders / Planet Plumbing


$367 million

Brisbane, Queensland

Skytower is Brisbane’s tallest residential 90-level tower built over 9 levels of existing inground basement carparking.


ADG provided specialist structural and hydraulic engineered services for the design and documentation of the structure.

Brisbane Skytower

Brisbane, Queensland

ADG also completed an independent review of the full building design including a complete finite element analysis of the buildings lateral system to deliver value engineering which were incorporated into the final building design, providing substantial savings in materials, cost and program.

ADG were engaged by the building contractor to ensure efficiency in the horizontal slab designs were maximised to reduce material, labour on site and slab angle time, all vital to the successful completion of the project. To ensure all identified efficiencies were fully achieved on site, ADG provided highly detailed drawings incorporating information from all stakeholders.

ADG were also engaged by the Plumbing Contractor to provide value engineered designs which were included to reduce material, labour on site and provide more efficient design. ADG provided highly detailed drawings including all information from all stakeholders to ensure all identified efficiencies were fully achived on site.

Items that were value engineered include:

  • The original domestic ewater supply was overdesigned and complicated. We were able to re-engineer aspects of the hot and cold water to ensure efficient use and installation.
  • Although originally designed on a reduced velocity stake system, we re-engineered to reduce stack sizes. Incorporating European Standards, we were able to substantial time and money for the Contractor.