Mirvac Constructions Pty Ltd


$20 million

Bromelton, Queensland

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Bromelton is an approximately 181ha site approximately 14km west of Beaudesert. It is on the rail link, and as such is zoned by EDQ as an industrial hub for heavy industry.


The target tenants in this area are organisations needing rail transport either north to the port of Brisbane, or south to the southern states. It is the only area of its kind in South East Queensland where organisations can acquire very large scale parcels of land within close proximity to a resource base and transport infrastructure.

Bromelton Nucleus Transmodal Hub


Bromelton, Queensland

ADG have been involved in the engineering design and documentation of the water and sewer for the local water authority QUU, including the conveyance design of water from Beaudesert to Bromelton. We have also been involved in carrying out the engineering design input for the infrastructure agreement for QUU to enter with any future land holder in this structure plan. Planning with DTMR included the infrastructure plan required for the area.

During the initial Material Change of Use application phase of the project, ADG undertook a hydraulic investigation of the development to address the flooding and stormwater conveyance issues on the site. Each stage of the development needed to be designed to ensure there are no flood impacts to the surrounding properties. A large scale 1D and 2D hydraulic model was created for both the existing and developed case using more than 200 1D links/nodes and 30,000 2D surface points.

ADG are very proud to be involved in this project, as it is one of the largest industrial project of its kind in the state.