Moreton Bay Regional Council


Samford, Queensland

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ADG provided civil engineering services for the construction of a 155m x 1.5m concrete footpath along the northern side of Camp Mountain Road, Samford Village.

The project’s objective was to provide a concrete footpath connectivity from the child care centre & aged care facility adjacent 18 Camp Mountain Road to the bus stops and concrete footpath on Samford Road. Multiple services exist along this road and no service relocation was allowed for in the project budget. ADG had to design around existing services.

Camp Mountain Road Footpath


Samford, Queensland

ADG’s Civil Engineering team provided Concept Design and Detailed Design services to the client under the Council’s preferred implementation guidelines: IPEAQ’s “Complete Streets Guidelines for Urban Street Design” and DTMR’s “Priority Cycle Route Improvement Plan Guideline”.

ADG’s design works included road design with provision for on-road cyclists, stormwater drainage design, services investigations and relocations, and all necessary site visits. ADG added value to this project by providing efficient, cost effective and practical design solutions, and provided clear and concise construction documentation.