Department Lands, Planning and The Environment


$27 million

Farrar, Palmerston, Northern Territory

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Natural Drainage Channel Complements a Proposed Residential Community


What could have been seen to be a significant constraint to this subdivision was in turn an aesthetic bonus to future residents.


Farrar Precinct will see the development of 41ha of crown land for residential and community use.

Farrar Precinct


Farrar, Palmerston, Northern Territory

ADG provided civil services in providing preliminary designs and feasibility of the development of this undeveloped land. The current site was subject to a large drainage channel which conveyed stormwater flows from various adjacent developments. ADG’s stormwater design used the current alignment of the drainage channel with small changes to account for the additional flow from the proposed development. This particular design enabled the retention of almost all of the existing vegetation and habitat within the existing drainage channel.

ADG also provided preliminary designs for all services including water, sewer and electrical. The innovative and cost effective design solutions that ADG presented for this site enabled the Northern Territory Government to be able to release this crown land for future development.