Goods Shed South

Melbourne, Australia

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Restoration heritage to high-end space

Restoration of a heritage-listed Goods Shed into a two level high-end commercial space and development of a new 6 storey tower in the heart of Melbourne.

Goods Shed South


Melbourne, Australia

Refurbishment of the building located on Collins Street, Docklands, presented an incredible opportunity to work collaboratively to renew an integral part of Melbourne’s history with a modern, sustainable design sympathetic to its heritage value.

We provided services involving the total design and construction of a new 6 storey building and a complete refurbishment of the heritage listed Goods Shed.

Central to our design approach was retaining the historical facade and other key elements of the existing building’s interior.

The heritage-listed structure is arranged under three gabled roofs and is a polychromatic, face brick building. Cast iron columns at nine metre intervals support the truss-framed roofs internally, while the outside walls are solid brick.

The commercial space was designed to be an innovative and contemporary office space incorporating state of the art technology and design features while retaining key historical elements. The additional 2 storey heritage clocktower structure is situated in the south-east corner of the building with a central tower and original stucco decoration, including the main door surround, will also be converted to retail space. The final development is an impressive example of how our tailored structural design solutions have the power to transform public spaces while retaining a strong sense of historical integrity and character.