Brisbane, Queensland

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ADG undertook a thorough due diligence assessment of the reference design.


By undertaking a thorough due diligence assessment of the reference design, ADG were able to identify significantly more areas of noncompliance and incorporated these into the detailed design documentation.

Holland Park – Park’n’Ride – DDA Compliance Upgrade


Brisbane, Queensland

ADG identified the following resulting in significant time and cost savings for the project:

  • A significantly simpler design for the Kiss n Ride facility to achieve the project objectives
  • That the bus shelter and seating are in fact heritage listed and therefore are not to be altered in any way
  • Futureproofed the design of the removal and replacement of the existing stairs so that they can be easily retrofitted to achieve DDA compliance from Miriam Street if deemed required
  • A significantly simpler connection configuration between the Kiss n Ride and the bus stop utilising most of the existing infrastructure removing the requirement for any demolition
  • Although identified as impractical based on the existing tie in level constraints and the “untouchable” heritage listed bus shelter and seat, ADG identified that by introducing a kerb ramp at either end of the bus shelter, this would enable the level difference to be lost in the transition and remove the DDA non-compliance of the bus stop platform without introducing further hazards to the facility or impacting the heritage listed infrastructure in any way.