Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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ADG undertook a thorough due diligence assessment of the reference design.

By undertaking a thorough due diligence assessment of the reference design, ADG were able to identify significantly more areas of noncompliance and incorporated these into the detailed design documentation.

Inala Bus Station – DDA Compliance Upgrade


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

ADG identified the following:

  • That although the existing kerb height at the boarding points was non-compliant, it was only non-compliant by at worst 8mm, therefore ADG recommended to the client that the existing kerb remain in place, because based on ADG’s extensive construction experience, it may be possible that if reconstructed, they may not be able to improve much on the existing non-compliant tolerances
  • An innovative way of getting around delineating paths of travel with directional TGSI’s (which tend to be an obstacle for wheel chair users and people using walking frames). ADG delineated paths of travel on the platform by adopting different colour concrete pavement alignment finishes
  • That there were signs missing on bus trafficable pedestrian crossing and documented these to be installed
  • That a transition zone would be required within the facility in locations where DDA compliant cross falls need to tie back into existing
  • Through stakeholder consultation, ADG were able to establish that BCC are planning an upgrade of the existing street lighting adjacent to one of the bus stop access routes and therefore, lighting design through this section of the facility can be removed from the project scope, resulting in significant, design and construction time and cost savings for TMR
  • That a section of the existing access path between the bus station and the shopping centre has non-compliant cross fall and requires removal and replacement

Where a raised island crossing has been incorporated into the facility, this has caused a damming of storm water issue, which has resulted in the subgrade/sub base remaining “wet” resulting in shoving of the asphalt pavement. ADG will document the removal of the raised island crossing and replacement of the asphalt to grade which will remove the damming issue and allow the structural integrity of the pavement to no longer be compromised.