$1.5 million

Brisbane, Queensland

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ADG were able to minimise the overall project impact by keeping the majority of the project works to only one side of the existing road alignment.

This also assisted ADG in reducing the number of power poles expected to be relocated. ADG were proactive and initiated the incorporation into the design of the single biggest problem on the alignment (the road narrows to 2 lanes, 7m width, over an existing culvert on a bend and in a sag point) which was previously excluded.

Moggill Road Wider Centre Line & Guardrail


Brisbane, Queensland


ADG connected the 1.5m shoulders being introduced everywhere else into the cross section through this pinch point to include cyclist provision for the entire length of the project extents. This will provide a best for project outcome for all road users.

ADG also identified that there is sufficient width to incorporate a designated right turn lane into the Brisbane Independent School entrance by utilising the existing overtaking lane development wider cross section and rejigging linemarking. ADG also dealt with the watershed from the existing catchment (which used to flow directly onto the road alignment/cross section) before it reached the road cross section by incorporating swales upstream of the road edge. ADG were able to refine the design alignment to meet the project budget requirements by considering the following very carefully:

  • Potholing of existing services information enabled ADG to reduce the number of services to be relocated
  • Existing guardrail alignments to try to retain them if possible
  • Earthworks cut / fill and the requirements for retaining walls were all minimised
  • Existing road crown alignment, cross falls and surface levels to minimise the amount of new pavement / corrector course required.

As a result, the clever work undertaken in the alignment refinement minimised the impacts on the existing infrastructure, and reduced the project cost significantly. This provided a significantly optimised and safer overall project outcome.