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ADG were engaged under a design and construct contract to undertake the design and documentation of structural, civil and stormwater elements of a new playground precinct to ensure conformity with the intent of the civil engineering documentation and for Local Council and Northern Territory Government Certification.

Myilly Point Playground Precinct


The project required structural design for a unique Ibis resemblance toilet block as well as civil engineering input to design the earthworks, stormwater and roadworks elements involved with the project. At the request of the client and architect, ADG took on a creative roll in aligning and shaping a running track to complement the playground precinct.

By minimising the required inground stormwater infrastructure by taking advantage of the sites natural fall and adopting a primarily sheet flow stormwater regime, ADG were able to save the contractor on material costs. On top of our civil engineering scope, ADG took on a creative roll in aligning and shaping the 1km/1mile running track through the playground precinct. With a lack of adequate survey, ADG used a combination of aerial imagery and future development plans (by others) to align the track to avoid existing obstructions such as trees and proposed obstructions such as a proposed indigenous reflection area, thus saving the contractor again in unnecessary costs. ADG worked closely with the lead architect, Ashford Group Architects and landscape architect, Serrata Landscape Architects to collaborative an inspired playground precinct which included stateable elements, adventure play zone with climbable elements and 1km/1mile running track.

As future stages to the playground precinct were expressed by the client as a possibility, ADG ensured to future proof the project with the allocation of service conduits beneath concrete surfaces and by ensuring grades will allow for future facilities, such as an AFL oval.

ADG was initially contracted to undertake the 30% design and construct tender set of drawings only. However, due to the clarity of the set of drawings issued in line with performance given by ADG at this stage, ADG were reengaged to deliver the project documentation to 100% issued for construction status as well as supervise and certify the construction of the project. The project has been delivered on time and to budget.