Bennett Constructions

Byron Bay, Australia

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Expansive main pavillion with fabric roof and prefabricated HDPE gutter

The centrepiece of the resort is the expansive main pavilion, covered by a fabric roof and prefabricated HDPE gutter designed by the ADG Hydraulic team in association with Bennett Constructions.

North Byron Beach Resort


Byron Bay, Australia

Every aspect of the resort has been informed by the location and landscape. The main pavilion follows an organic form – low impact, single story, blurring the lines between interior and exterior spaces, mimicking the forces of nature. The challenge for our Hydraulics Team was to achieve a gutter design and size that was able to be integrated into the flowing curves and undulations of the roof and facia profile.

Our client’s brief was that they didn’t want it to look like a stuck on gutter and have visible downpipes while still achieving an eaves gutter rather than a box gutter.

The box gutter would have required many more outlets and larger downpipes to satisfy the requirements of a Q100 rain event adding even more expense to the project.

By working with the builder and looking at various design options and materials to construct the gutter we were able to achieve the client’s brief. Because of our D&C experience and ability to look outside the box this allowed the client’s dream to be achieved. Conventional or off the shelf products and thinking were not what this project needed – it required innovative and lateral thinking to achieve the desired outcome.