Cub Construction Management Pty Ltd

June 2019

$14 million

8-10 Park Avenue, Waitara NSW

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This multi-storey apartment block consists of 2 basement levels with two, 6-storey towers and a common podium level. The structure is primarily a concrete framed building with single combined stair and lift cores in each tower for lateral stability. All columns, walls and vertical elements are predominantly reinforced concrete elements and post-tensioned slab elements as the main horizontal elements.

Park Avenue, Waitara

8-10 Park Avenue, Waitara NSW

ADG worked closely with Zouk Architects and other external services consultants on this project to provide maximum structural efficiencies throughout the project from concept to construction stage documentation and construction supervision works. ADG were also involved in the preliminary design of soldier piled shoring walls around the site for pricing purposes.

The building was fully modelled in a 3D structural software package and information on all structural elements were exported into a dedicated design module. Since the design process was automated and independently verified, ADG was able to undertake the design of all vertical elements efficiently with quick overall turn-around time.

ADG was also closely involved in value-engineering discussions with quantity surveyors to further provide additional cost-savings to the project. This project was fully documented in 3D Building Information Management (BIM) software which allowed streamlined coordination and clash detection for architectural, structural and building services disciplines throughout.