Sunbuild Pty Ltd


$10.8 million


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ADG engineers worked in collaboration with Sunbuild Pty Ltd on the design and construct contract for the new 280 bay multi storey car park at Royal Darwin Hospital. ADG provided structural and civil engineering services for the project and our value engineering solution assisted in Sunbuild’s successful submission.


ADG credits Julianne Osborne for project photographs.

Royal Darwin Hospital Multi-Storey Carpark


ADG worked with Sunbuild to provide an adaptable solution which allows the car park to be converted to office / commercial use in future. ADG’s structural solution allows for change of use and incorporated increased floor to floor heights. ADG also designed for structural importance level 3 to allow the building be converted to office / commercial in future. Our utilisation of finite element modelling for the lateral and horizontal structure achieved a value engineering outcome.

As the project is located adjacent to the coast which required high level of durability due to the exposure of structural elements. ADG designed slabs to a strong degree of crack control to ensure durability requirements were met.