EcOz Environmental Services Pty Ltd

Mataranka, Northern Territory

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Erosion and Sediment Control Planning


ADG Engineers have been engaged by EcOz Environmental Services Pty Ltd, on behalf of Sherwin Iron Limited, to prepare an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) to accompany an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) being prepared for the proposed Sherwin Creek Iron Ore Mine.


The proposed mine is located approximately 120km east of Mataranka in the Northern Territory (NT) and is within the Roper River catchment.


Sherwin Creek Iron Ore Mine


Mataranka, Northern Territory

The Sherwin Creek Iron Ore Mine Project involves the establishment of a new open pit iron ore mine, ancillary infrastructure, waste dumps, loading site, workshops, offices, internal access roads, accommodation facilities, and haul roads.

Direct shipping ore is to be transported to the Darwin Port Facility for export. The Northern Territory Environmental Protection Authority (NTEPA) has determined that the proposal requires formal assessment under the NT Environmental Assessment Act.

The report was developed in accordance with the International Erosion Control Association, Best Practice Erosion and Sediment Control Guideline (IECA, 2008) and is considered to represent Best Practice Environmental Management (BPM).

ADG Engineers provided direct consultation with the mine operators to determine the desired outcomes and how operations would be considered relating to the hydraulic management and environmental requirements.

The project required an investigation of the existing catchments and the interface of the proposed works with the receiving water bodies. Designed diversion and cut-off drainage was determined to suit the operational requirements. Control of the clean and sediment laden runoff was addressed using site available material and sediment basins with controlled outlets. Using best practice design considerations, ADG developed a cost efficient and environmentally appropriate solution to the ground disturbing activities proposed for the site.