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Lane Reduction & Pedestrian Refuge


ADG Engineers were engaged by City of Darwin to complete the detailed design and document for the Lane reduction & pedestrian refuge at Trower Road & Henbury Avenue adjacent the Dripstone Middle School.

Trower Road & Henbury Avenue


Due to the location of works in a high-risk area for vehicle accidents and near misses with pedestrians, traffic control/calming strategies were required to reduce the level of risks associated with this section of road.

ADG Engineers had to consider the local movements of school kids and local pedestrians and how they interact with drivers along Trower Road & Henbury Avenue. The local movements were obtained by site observations which were confirmed with aerial photographs showing track movements. The pedestrian refuge crossing point was designed with the ability to be converted to a children’s crossing in the future.

ADG Engineers were successful in delivering the project on time and within budget to the satisfaction of the Client and local users.