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Truck Central Industrial Subdivison is a 90 Hectare development of industrial lots located at Tiger Brennan Drive and Wishart Road.

The project will provide 25 Lots including a road train assemble area and industrial lots.

Truck Central Industrial Subdivision


ADG were engaged by Ostojic Group to conduct a value engineering assessment on the current stormwater drainage design. To optimise the stormwater drainage network, we completed a detailed hydraulic assessment using 12d design software. As bulk earthworks had been completed on the site and drainage layouts were finalised, the scope to rationalise the network by amending layouts wasn’t available. However, through our detailed modelling process we identified significant residual capacity in the network and were able to greatly reduce the required pipe and pit sizes. The result of our value engineering review was a construction cost saving of over $650,000.

Following our initial assessment, ADG were engaged to fully redesign the stormwater drainage network, prepare issue for approval documents and submit to Dept. of Transport. The approval of our alternative design was obtained within 10 days of submission which facilitated issuing for construction drawings to Ostojic and enable the contractor to proceed with works on site. This was largely due to our inclusion of Q100 flood extents and hydraulic grade line determined from the 12d model on the approval drawings.

Truck Central Industrial Subdivision demonstrates our value proposition in adoption of the very latest technology available to optimise designs and achieve best value outcome for our clients. This project also demonstrates our ability to complete the design and documentation.