Victory Church

Auckland, New Zealand

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Constructing a new car park for a community church with a congregation of 600.


This project involved construction of a new 344-space car park on four sub-grade levels, covering an area of approximately 100m x 40m.

Victory Church Carpark


Auckland, New Zealand

Prior to becoming a church, the property was an old gasworks. Major excavation of contaminated soil and buried concrete structures had to be completed before construction of the underground car park could begin. Strict Resource Consent conditions also required innovative environmental controls.

The project also had demanding waterproofing constraints due to the need to dig below the water table. As the post-tension slabs were below ground, surrounded by secant pile walls, a full pour strip to the perimeter was required. Particular attention was paid to limiting cracking of the concrete slabs over time. Using splayed concrete beams, we were able to provide an economical post-tension design solution.

We created an innovative cantilevered beam system which allowed the formwork to be removed during the first 56 days of construction until the pour strips were in-filled, causing only 50% of the possible shrinkage to occur.