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Winchelsea Island

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The project was to provide construction supervision and certification of a Pioneer Ramp for barge access to Winchelsea Island to allow exploratory drilling for manganese.

As part of these works ADG also provided stormwater modelling and mapping services to map the stormwater buffers on the uninhabited island. This included flood modelling for the entire island. These maps were produced to investigate and establish the developable area of Winchelsea Mining for the purpose of manganese mining.

Winchelsea Island

Winchelsea Island

The area the ramp was being created was in the intertidal zone and the seafloor adjacent the ramp was soft, all placement of the rock for the ramp had to be completed from the water via a barge. As work was being completed within the intertidal zone, careful and detailed planning was required to develop a method for getting the barge in position to place the rock during the correct tidal time frames and managing the variance of natural tides from the predicted tide charts due to wind and current conditions.

The project was located on a remote uninhabited island within the Groote archipelago. There were no local materials available and thus all materials and machinery had to be barged to the island from Darwin and interstate. ADG had to ensure all material quantities were correct, taking into account the many variables of the construction in a remote marine environment, as the requirement for additional materials would result in large time delays and significant increases to construction costs due to additional barging being required for additional materials.

The project was completed on time and at a high quality to the satisfaction of the client. The local community were pleased with the construction of the ramp and the minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. The community requested the ramp remain post completion of the exploration works on the island.