Northern Territory Government Department of Infrastructure



Woodroffe, Northern Territory, Australia

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The project can be described as the requirement for a formal kiss and go facility and additional parking for the Woodroffe Primary School.

Woodroffe Primary School


Woodroffe, Northern Territory, Australia

Client Brief/ Concerns:

  • Works near existing Bus Stop on Woodroffe Ave is not a desirable outcome and no works are required in this area
  • Almost no students use the bus stop, majority of students are collected via car
  • Additional car parking for short term use to be built as an extension to the existing car park adjacent to the school office entrance
  • Proposed medians on Woodroffe Ave need to be raised concrete to ensure no u turns are dangerously performed
  • Safe kiss and go bay, can use front of school area
  • Kiss and go bay is a priority
  • Roundabouts or safe turning areas are required on Woodroffe Ave to mitigate u turns but still have the desired traffic movements for users
  • Potentially addition of car parking within the existing car parking area adjacent to Broadarrow Circuit
  • No new kiss and go on Broadarrow Circuit
  • Potentially new car parking area for staff on vacant area off Broadarrow Circuit
  • Staging could be required for funding
  • No roundabout on Broadarrow Circuit

ADG was able to deliver a 2 concept designs to address the brief mentioned above. The first Option looks at meeting the key requirements with the smallest construction costs and then second Option was a design which encompassed all of the brief items but was less focused on construction costs and driven by the long term overall benefit.

The project required involvement with various key stakeholders.