We believe when we design with purpose, we have the power to make a difference in the world.

This is the philosophy we’ve applied to decades of health and education sector engineering, bringing a purposeful approach to leading master planned and mixed-use health and education projects across the country.

We leverage industry-leading technology, digital offerings and multi-sector experience across both established and emerging engineering disciplines to help realise our client’s visions, working as a trusted partner to the wider consultant and stakeholder groups.

It is because of this experience we know health projects cannot be treated like any other. We work with our strategic partners to provide specialist health design advice and design management services, ensuring stakeholder requirements are clearly understood and accommodated to deliver outcomes that cater to factors including unique space limitations, vibration limits and operational requirements.

Our digital health arm, ADG Health, allows us to combine industry-leading technology with specialist expertise in business operations, data analytics and medical science to provide fully integrated digital solutions, enhancing productivity through workplace health and wellbeing.

Our teams also have significant experience in the education space, engaging with private, public and government clients to complete more than 200 projects across Queensland, New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Western Australia to design and maintain our country’s learning facilities.

Integral to our work in this sector is our deep appreciation for and skills in stakeholder engagement — ensuring our solutions are considerate of the drivers that influence high quality and valued health and education assets, safeguarding adaptability and longevity well into the future.


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