The construction environment is continually changing


We tailor each of our designs to suit the conditions.

Since our beginning in 2002, we have focused on delivering structural solutions that are cost effective and tailored to meet the changing market, site conditions and geographical constraints.

We differentiate our offering through combining the latest technology, construction techniques and innovative ideas to provide unique solutions to complex projects.

We have a track record of working closely with all levels of the project team including consultants, contractors and sub-contractors to develop the most suitable and effective outcome for all the stakeholders.

Program, materials qualities, cost, logistics and labour all are taken into consideration through the design process.

We provide a full range of structural engineering services including:

Deep basement construction
Steel and composite construction
Large span structures
Deep foundations
Difficult ground conditions
Construction in high water tables

Precast hybrid building construction
Complicated transfer structures
Stages or progressive strength analysis
Complex temporary works analysis
Dynamic and lateral analysis.

Structural Projects