2017 Staff Awards

2017 Staff Awards

Since 2011, ADG have recognised and celebrated the contributions of our staff to our business culture and success with our annual staff awards. The winners are voted by the entire company – the leadership team, the managers and the team members, so each recipient is incredibly deserving and is well respected by our team.



Outstanding Achievement Award

Awarded to an ADG employee who has proven themselves to exceed expectations in a unique situation or project, performing at a level above and beyond normal job requirements, and has made important and significant contributions in their area.

Recipient: Brian Loughlin

Brian has shown on many occasions that he is willing to lead by example and provide the support and assistance that we all need. No matter how busy Brian is he always makes himself available to the team. During his time at ADG, Brian has taken on the responsibility of Practice Manager with great pride and determination. He has certainly proven that he is a leader we can all respect and look up to.


The ADG Excellence Award

Awarded in cases of exemplary performance by individuals identified as having consistently excelled in their position and demonstrated integrity and a strong commitment to the mission and values of ADG.

Recipient: Leo Karadimitris

Over the past 12 months, Leo has demonstrated a passion towards his team’s success in both project delivery and mentoring. He has shown integrity beyond his experience and is always exceptionally proud to stand by the ADG projects he works on. Leo regularly organises training and development sessions for his peers and shows an enthusiasm for the innovation developed within our ADG team. A team focused mindset has seen him develop into a well-respected engineer, with strong relationships with both his colleagues and clients. His dedicated team approach has assisted Leo in achieving a wide range of personal goals and accelerated his technical abilities.


Embracing and Driving ADG Culture

Awarded to a standout employee who embodies the mission and values of ADG, and goes out of their way to ensure these values are demonstrated at the core of all of their interactions with team members and clients. They lead by example and encourage their peers to live the ADG values.

Recipient: Chris Morrison

Prior to leaving for Darwin, Chris drove the social club and office activities on the Gold Coast and lead by example – even if you are not in his direct team, you can see that he works hard to meet deadlines, is encouraging to younger engineers and the drafting team and happy to help out keeping the office move in the right direction.


Team Player Award

Awarded to an ADG employee who has contributed to team performance by providing encouragement and support, helped others overcome obstacles, successfully accomplished goals, and built and maintained good working relationships.

Recipient: Ken Venkataramiah

Ken shows a great deal of personal pride in all that he does, he cares about his team and leads them by example.  He naturally aligns himself with the ADG Values and lives them fully. As a mentor, Ken is very supportive of individual team members in both their technical and personal development. He is able to show empathy and assist his team to overcome any issues professional or personal.

Recipient: Kobe Nye

Kobe is incredibly helpful and supportive in her role, her knowledge is incredible and her patience is incomparable. Kobe has a great way of helping you to understand why things happen and she is a clear advocate for ensuring the business always comes first. Kobe should most definitely be recognised for her incredible contribution.


Peer Recognised Excellence

An expression of gratitude from the peer group towards team members who they believe to bring a positive influence, attitude and commitment on a day to day basis.

Recipient: Humam AbuHamdia

Humam brings a broad range of structural design knowledge to the team and is more than happy to explain complex design issues with colleagues of all levels of ability. He is always happy to explain a problem, how best to approach it, how best to rationalise it. Despite receiving many jobs and tasks that are high priority, he always has a big smile on his face and a cool, calm and collected approach.

Recipient: Sam Warner

Since moving to Darwin, Sam has successfully accomplished his goals and provided encouragement and support to all staff regardless of their department or location. Sam not only shows the upmost respect for everyone he works with, he is always there to lend a hand, regardless of how busy he is. The Darwin office may only be a small group of people but Sam has certainly been a positive influence on everyone and the office would not be the same without him.

Recipient: Vanessa McHugh

Not only does she work extremely hard in the Gold Coast office, she is always available for assistance and support to all offices. Over the 2017 year she has helped support the implementation of two revisions to the Business Procedures Manual and Document Control Manual as well auditing and QA compliance to provide all offices. Vanessa has a positive influence on all staff and she leads by example encouraging all staff to live the ADG values, and who doesn’t love her QA tip of the month!