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Brian Loughlin - Regional Director
Matthew McCormick - Practice Director (Perth)
Dalton Glasby - Practice Director (Darwin)
Tom Clarke - Associate Engineer - Structural



LOCATION Hallett, South Australia 

CLIENT Ward Civil Engineering Pty Ltd 


– Structures 

North Brown Hill is one of the biggest wind farms in Australia at the time of construction, with the site located on private properties in rural South Australia and covering an expansive area of 38 square kilometers.

The project involved the construction of 63 turbines with a total installed capacity of 132MW.

The ground conditions specific to the site and remote location were drivers for an innovative rock anchored solution, resulting in significant cost savings through material and excavation reductions. Post-tensioning design techniques in conjunction with specialist geotechnical design, assisted in addressing the high loads and fatigue considerations associated with turbine foundation design.

The first power from North Brown Hill Wind Farm flowed into the South Australian electricity grid in August 2010.


LOCATION Porcupine Range, South Australia

CLIENT Ward Civil and Environmental Engineering


– Structures 

Bluff Wind Farm (Hallett 5) is a 52.5MW onshore wind farm built over the Porcupine Range in South Australia. Bluff Wind Farm is located about 10 km northwest of the Hallett township in the mid-north of South Australia. Consisting of 25 wind turbines, it has a total capacity of 52.5 MW generating enough renewable electricity to power over 26,000 Australian homes.

The facility was developed by AGL Energy, a renewables development company, with an investment of $129m. ADG were responsible for the design and documentation of wind turbine bases. ADG provided innovative post tensioned and rock anchored solutions providing significant cost and concrete volume savings.

NORTHERN GAS PIPELINE – MT Isa & Phillip Creek Compressor Stations

LOCATION Queensland & Northern Territory

CLIENT Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline Pty Ltf


– Structures 
– Civil

ADG Engineers were engaged by Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline Pty Ltd (Jemena) to complete an early works facilities design at the Mt Isa Compressor Station (MICS) and Phillip Creek Compressor Station (PCCS) sites.

The Northern Territory Government has granted Major Project Status to the construction, operation and ownership of an onshore gas pipeline connecting gas reserves in the Northern Territory (NT) to the eastern gas market. The NT Government has undertaken a competitive process to attract private sector proposals for the pipeline. Jemena has been selected to build, own and operate the Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP) and is progressing with the development of the project for commencement of commercial services in late 2018.
The project comprises a pipeline connecting the Amadeus pipeline at the Warrego compressor station to the Carpentaria Gas Pipeline (CGP) at the Mica Creek metering facility. The required facilities include a start of line Compression Station with Nitrogen Removal Facilities at Warrego (Phillip Creek Compressor Station (PCCS)), with four (4) main line valve (MLV) sites across the 622km pipeline inclusive of an intermediate scraper station, and a delivery station near Mt Isa, inclusive of compression, metering, gas quality measurement, pressure regulation and filtration (Mt Isa Compressor Station (MICS)) (the Facilities). 


LOCATION LAE, Papua New Guinea

CLIENT Twenty20 Energy Systems


– Civil 

Pacific Energy are delivering a 45MW gas fired turbine power plant for the MRDC. ADG was engaged to provide structural, civil and stormwater engineering services to support the project. In regard to structural engineering, ADG undertook design of all foundations and slab on ground including foundations associated with the gas turbines. All relevant PNG and applicable Australian Codes were considered inclusive of earthquake codes. Specific design considerations included the high live loads associated with the turbines on startup and developing a strategy for slab on ground which minimised slab thickness’s while ensuring sufficient set down areas for mobile cranes for ongoing maintenance.
Twenty20 required for all cabling to be located in accessible trenches below ground which ADG developed designs for belowground reinforced concrete cable trenches that were structurally adequate for all aboveground loading conditions.
For civil and stormwater engineering, ADG undertook detailed grading for the facility considering a number of factors including a thick layer of black soil and upstream catchment flows impacting the site. ADG’s earthworks strategy achieved an economical outcome through considering the layer of unsuitable black soil and graded the site to balance the earthworks cut to fill after removal of the black soil. To provide the site with high immunity against stormwater impacts of the upstream catchment, ADG’s strategy undertook calculations of the peak upstream stormwater flows and utilised the black soil as a bund to direct the stormwater flows around the site.


LOCATION Wandon, Queensland

CLIENT Origin Energy Resources Ltd


– Civil

On the Origin Roads project, ADG optimised previously identified horizontal and vertical allignments for approximately 50kms of roads resulting in cut and fill balances for each km of the alignment. This was a design and construct contract where ADG were able to identify significant savings in the reference design for the contractor. On this project ADG utilised locally available material for road base and provided constructible options drastically reducing the amount of drainage infrastructure and imported fill required by constructing diversion bunding earthworks & independently grading table drains removing the need for some culverts as well as downsizing culverts after assessing time of closure and effect on upstream afflux level was deemed acceptable. This enabled us to provide a fit for purpose value for money outcome for the client.
Innovative drainage design was incorporated to combat heavily vegetated areas in which culverts were not suitable for installation.


LOCATION Tindal, Northern Territory

CLIENT Rusca Group Services


– Civil 
– Structures 

ADG was engaged to provide the civil design and construction documentation of a 240m Long Haul Road at RAAF Base Tindal as part of the overall works package. The design of the haul road included intersection design of the haul road and tie in to the existing road and analysis of vehicle turning paths to confirm the road geometry. The pavement design was completed using specialist pavement design software (CIRCL Y and HIPAVE) to value engineer the pavement develop the most economical pavement design given the relatively poor subgrade conditions. As part of the construction documentation for the haul road, ADG provided a complete set of ITPs and Quality Management Plan for implementation during the haul road construction.
In addition to the civil design, ADG were further structural engineering design and documentation of a HSS Slab on Ground, GSE Slab on Ground and Steelwork, SQF Slab, Temporary water tower and dangerous goods store.


LOCATION East Arm, Northern Territory

CLIENT Tomazos Group Development


– Civil 
– Structures 

ADG Engineers were in engaged to carry out the review of the earthworks filling for Stages 1 and 2 of the East Arm Wharf development. ADG were then engaged to carry out the site supervision of the filling and earthworks for stages 3 and 4 which are still in construction.
The review of the Stage 1 and 2 earthworks required ADG to review another consultant’s documentation to date, carry out site inspections, review geotechnical testing and provide advice on the current earthworks condition. To meet the land owners requirements and relevant geotechnical and earthworks specifications it was deemed that test pits in the existing fill were required to ensure the material placed on the site was deemed within specification for the site.
Upon receipt of testing and visual inspection by ADG Stage 1 and 2 were able to be certified and works could proceed on stage 3 and 4. ADG’s role in the current works in Stage 3 and 4 was to prepare a Quality Management Plan and testing regime to ensure the works meet the specifications.
ADG were faced with the challenge of taking on this project mid-way through the works with some conflict between the contractor, land owner and past consultant. ADG were able to thoroughly review all of the documentation and provide a way forward which met the needs of all stakeholders.
ADG have to date successfully carried out the scope of works for this project in assisting the Stage 1 and 2 to be certified and the continuation of the works for Stages 3 and 4. 


LOCATION West Arnhem, Northern Territory

CLIENT Northern Territory Government, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics


– Civil 

ADG Engineers were engaged by Department if Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics to carry out the concept design for 14 sections of “Arnhem Link Roads” consisting of location along Oenpelli road, Maningrida Access Road, Maningrida Ramingining Road and Ramingining CAR Link Road. 12 of the location were identified as drainage crossing that during the wet season and heavy rainfall become submerged for long period of time which enable access to townships. One location is affected by a restricted works area and become a flood plan during large storm events and the 14th location is a section of road which is affected by a restricted works area.


LOCATION Gunbalanya, Northern Territory

CLIENT Northern Territory Government


– Civil

ADG was engaged by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics to undertake the detailed design and documentation for the construction of the upgrading and sealing of a 3km section of Oenpelli Road adjacent Red Lily Lagoon.

The design encompassed lifting the existing road surface, installing relief drainage and providing a sealed surface in accordance with the NTG standard cross-section profile for rural roads.

The main objective was to:
– Improve road safety and ride quality;
– Improve flood immunity and road drainage;
– Minimise vehicle weight and type restrictions due to existing flooding/pavement

Preservation issues;
– Protect adjacent sacred sites from dust and any damage;
– Improve access for the remote communities.

As part of the detailed design for this project, ADG modelled the local flood event using a comprehensive 2D XP-STORM Hydrologic and Hydraulic model. Flood models were generated for the existing and post-upgrade scenarios and modelled for storm events up to and including the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF). Through modelling the existing flood scenario.

ADG was able to identify locations requiring relief drainage and the magnitude of flood inundation across the existing road surface. Post upgrade flood modelling was undertaken to demonstrate the proposed upgrades achieved the objective of improving floor immunity and road drainage.


LOCATION Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory

CLIENT Anindilyakwa Royalties Aboriginal Corporation


– Civil

The project comprised of the civil design to support the development of Pole 7 on Groote Eylandt which provided 16 residential allotments, a worker’s camp and warehouse for use by the Anindilyakwa Land Council. ADG provided complete civil design, tendered the project for construction and was Superintendent throughout the construction phase.

The project was located within an area outside service authority jurisdictions. Construction quality was managed closely throughout the project to ensure a high-quality product in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards and Guidelines were completed. The remoteness of the project also meant local site materials were being used which meant designs had to be suitable for use of natural materials.

Being in such a remote location, the cost of materials to complete the works were significant. ADG worked with the contractor to provide smart design solutions to minimise costs while still delivering a high-quality product that met the design brief.


LOCATION Darwin, Northern Territory

CLIENT Sitzler Pty Ltd


– Civil 
– Structures 
– Construction Services 

ADG was engaged to provide the civil design (earthworks, pavements, stormwater drainage and footpaths), structural and temporary works design of the electrical substation.

The site was contaminated with asbestos and thus a capping layer had to be placed over the site to make it safe for living. As the existing soil was contaminated with asbestos, trenching and excavation within the existing soil was a costly and slow exercise.
ADG provided unique design solutions for stormwater to minimise the inground infrastructure saving the client time with construction programme and significant cost reductions for minimal trenching works within asbestos contaminated material.

ADG civil design helped the client to excel the construction well ahead of program and finish the project on budget and ahead of schedule.


LOCATION Point Stuart, Northern Territory 

CLIENT Northern Territory Government


– Civil 

ADG Engineers (Aust.) Pty Ltd have been engaged by The Northern Territory Government Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) on behalf of the Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR) to provide survey, geotechnical investigation, and detailed design for the upgrading of a 30km length of Point Stuart Road from the end of the existing formed roadway to the boat ramp.
The existing road to Point Stuart was a single access track, which was inundated by flooding during the wet season. ADG were engaged to upgrade the road to a two (2) lane rural road and provide a design that improved access to the existing boat ramp during the Northern Territory wet season. The design required realigning 4km of the existing road to be within the surveyed cadastral boundaries and the upgrading of roads within existing pastoral lease areas which required land acquisition.
As part of the design of the road


upgrade, ADG completed detailed flood modelling to analyse the performance of the existing road and determine the magnitude of upgrades required. The stormwater modelling was used to inform and shape a design solution that provided flood free access to the existing properties and boat ramp during the wet season.
Through the detailed flood modelling completed, ADG were able to optimise the earthworks design to minimise the requirements for imported fill, providing significant cost savings for the project.
There were areas of cultural significance in the area of the proposed upgrade works and ADG had to develop design solutions that promoted a safe driving environment without ant disturbance to the existing road within the defined Restricted Works Areas.
ADG worked collaboratively with the client and stakeholders to provide a design that provided access throughout the wet season and significantly improved the safety of the road environment.