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We combine proven design principles with industry-leading technology and an advisory approach to deliver purpose-built solutions that make a difference — to people, places and communities.

Our work is underpinned by strong design and analysis principles and an approach that requires agility and collaboration, to deliver exceptional outcomes, every time.









what we do

We listen, we challenge, and we deliver. Our diverse team draws on decades of multi-sector experience to provide end-to-end capability across established and emerging engineering disciplines, advanced digital offerings and advisory services.

Community master planning

At ADG, we’re committed to big-picture thinking, always considering how people choose to live and work to inform our design methodologies.

We take civil and community infrastructure solutions further, combining established design principles with a purpose-driven approach to deliver outstanding outcomes for some of Australia’s leading master-planned communities.

Our team of experts leverage decades of multi-sector experience to provide a whole-of-engineering service for our clients, delivering for-purpose solutions across civil, water and sewerage and flooding and stormwater developments to shape communities for the future.

Understanding that no two communities are the same, we consider the overall design outcome for each development and create solutions to realise our clients’ visions, always striving to remain true to the environment and natural landform of the site.

Built on thinking that is creative and considered, we deliver complex engineering outcomes with the smallest carbon footprint possible, ensuring the sustainable and cost-effective use of materials — saving our clients millions and increasing project viability wherever possible.

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Civil and Infrastructure

Understanding the impact our work can have on the built environment, we take solutions further to build a more sustainable future through our infrastructure design.

We combine decades of civil engineering expertise with established design principles, a deep commercial understanding and a purpose-driven approach to deliver outstanding outcomes for public and private infrastructure projects across the country — working with our clients from the outset to generate sustainable, whole of life-cycle outcomes for communities and the natural environment.

By building strong relationships with our valued clients and project partners, we continually strive to achieve shared outcomes and success through a deep and clear understanding of project requirements across all stakeholders, with the experience and expertise to speak up and lead the way.

Putting the project vision first, our team becomes immersed in our clients’ projects, embracing challenges and applying a unique approach to purpose-driven design that is creative, courageous and considered — driving cost and program efficiencies, optimised resources and land usage, and safe and practical methodologies.

Our projects speak for themselves, and our teams have been influential in creating new policy for engineering solutions for infrastructure across the industry.

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Complex high-rise engineering

We understand the complex analysis of high-rise structures is not just a theoretical exercise. Our experienced team delivers insights gathered from analytical models which are informed by an in-depth knowledge of industry-leading materials and construction methodologies.

Our team of high-end analysis experts has decades of multi-sector experience in developing sophisticated analysis models for engineering projects within days (not weeks).

The team delivers value engineering solutions by creating structures with performance efficiencies, and draws on market and industry connections to make things happen.

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Our philosophy to simplify complexity means that we focus on the design of structures that deliver our clients’ requirements and make a positive difference to the community.

We see structural engineering as the science and art of providing a skeleton for any edifice. This could be a high- or low-rise building, monument, bridge, wharf, amusement ride, floating structure, residence, transmission tower, or even signage.

Underpinned by reliable and proven design principles, industry-leading technology and an advisory approach, we deliver performance-based structures for both new, existing and re-engineered buildings, always considering sustainability in our design.

We combine our technical engineering excellence and expertise with practical construction experience to provide bespoke solutions which consider efficiency, risk, material quantities, costs, logistics and labour through the design process.

To deliver the right structural solution, we work closely with the project team and consultants, contractors and sub-contractors, to develop the most suitable and effective outcomes for all involved.

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Construction Services

Leveraging our multi-sector experience and diverse range of capabilities, we work closely with contractors and builders to enable construction and demolition solutions to turn design into reality.

Our work is underpinned by proven design and analysis principles to simplify the complex, minimise risk, and reduce program and cost inefficiencies in the built environment for outstanding results.

Built on creative and considered thinking, we provide a full range of construction engineering services across multiple sectors, focusing on the development of safe, thoughtful, and innovative solutions to complex construction challenges.

Our team works alongside all project stakeholders, ensuring no solution is without consideration of the potential implications on other areas of the project, the community and environment.

By building strong relationships with our valued partners and clients, we continually strive to achieve shared outcomes and success to deliver industry-leading construction solutions.

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Our experienced Hydraulics team delivers value on bespoke solutions through designs that will pass the test of time and give aging assets a new lease on life.

We produce comprehensive yet simple documentation to ensure projects are competitively priced and deliver efficient long-term solutions to build a more sustainable future.

Our purpose-driven designs focus on effective and efficient hydraulic installation and protect our clients from cost overruns.

We have provided hydraulics engineering expertise for high-rise, retail, commercial, industrial, residential, theme park, entertainment, health care, community, and specialist developments.

Our range of services includes assistance with site selection, due diligence and feasibility studies, concept design, detailed design, development applications, budget estimates, cost plans, tender evaluation, contract administration and construction support.

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ADG Digital

Through our market-leading digital consulting offering, our team of established engineers provides technology led services to solve the most complex digital problem across a range of sectors in the civil, construction, structural and health markets.

We combine software engineering capability with our extensive expertise and experience, to improve the built environment and take design solutions further.

Driven by our vision to enable a more sustainable and people-centric built environment, we harness technology and data-driven investigations to deliver evidence-based solutions.

We are focused on building a deep understanding of the interdependencies between place, process and people, leveraging innovative, non-invasive measures underpinned by engineering principles to gather construction data, investigate assets and analyse results.

Through our innovative technologies and methodologies, we proactively manage risk and unlock the potential of our clients’ assets, setting the foundations for enhanced safety and unrivalled efficiencies.

Visit our ADG Construction Data Solutions website for more information.

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Construction engineering and temporary works

Our multi-disciplinary team has decades of experience providing a full range of temporary works design to deliver safe and innovative solutions for our clients’ most challenging construction problems.

Working across a wide breadth of sectors within the construction industry nationally — including residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure — we combine strategic engineering experience with industry-leading technology to provide fully-integrated solutions for optimal safety, efficiency and risk-mitigation during construction, no matter the project.

We believe no challenge is the same, but holds opportunities to be realised with the best-fit team and approach.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work collaboratively and cohesively with all project stakeholders to understand and meet the requirements of each unique group involved, ensuring no solution is developed in isolation or without consideration of the potential implications on other areas of the project.

Through comprehensive temporary works design, certifications and independent review checks, and use of innovative digital technology leveraging business information modelling (BIM), our tailored solutions deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients.

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Methodologies and advisory services

At ADG, we are driven by passion, strategy and optimism, holding the belief that no project or construction challenge is beyond us.

Our trusted team combine reliable and proven design principles with industry-leading technology to deliver advisory services and methodologies that make a difference to projects — providing solutions which go further than just structural and civil designs.

We work with our clients in a partnership capacity across the full life-cycle of a project to turn wished-in-place structures into reality, and apply practical and pragmatic solutions underpinned by proven engineering and trusted processes — buoyed by innovation where needed.

Our people understand the impact temporary works can have on the design outcome, and we strive to meet client expectations and create value at every milestone without compromising on safety or the bigger-picture results.

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Transport infrastructure engineering

Our diverse, multi-disciplinary teams have an extensive and proven track record in transport infrastructure development, working with our valued partners, clients and their stakeholders to make the construction journey as seamless as possible for major transport projects across the country.

We take infrastructure design and temporary works solutions further, combining established engineering principles with a purpose-driven approach to deliver outstanding outcomes, taking our clients’ ideas and making them work.

Our established team harnesses industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the unique stakeholder drivers involved in public works to influence project outcomes in the planning stages, which is where we believe the greatest opportunities can be realised.

We listen, challenge and deliver to drive cost efficiencies and purpose-driven outcomes, understanding that design and construction cannot be undertaken independent of each other.

Our team focuses on providing solutions with cost-benefit ratios that compete exceptionally for available funds, striving to achieve approval for the next phase, and ultimately, the agile and timely construction for future-proofed outcomes.

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our projects

We make sure every client and every project gets the best of us. We proactively unearth opportunities and support their success to deliver — with confidence — what is needed to achieve the best outcome across our engineering disciplines, including civil, construction services, hydraulics, and structural, and digital offerings.

Alice Springs Youth Justice Centre

ADG ensured the design of two Northern Territory Youth Justice Centres in Darwin and Alice Springs were secure and fit-for-purpose, enabling the Northern Territory Government to deliver a new model for youth justice and meet the recommendations of the Royal Commission.

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Campus Perth Student Accommodation

ADG ensured the project was structurally viable by leveraging our decades of experience in modern analysis techniques to maximise outcomes and minimise site work.

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Herston Quarter

Leveraging extensive experience in asset revitalisation, ADG rejuvenated the significant but unutilised heritage building stock to unlock the economic potential of the precinct renewal while maintaining culturally sensitive heritage value.

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Melbourne Metro Tunnel

ADG’s outstanding bespoke cradle design has been effective in achieving time and cost savings for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project, enabling construction works to move ahead of schedule.

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Quay Quarter Tower

ADG facilitated one of the largest building upcycling projects in the world at AMP Capital’s landmark Quay Quarter Tower. Using innovative design principles to reuse and repurpose the existing structural elements, ADG was the only engineer to meet the architectural vision and complex client development brief and exceed the sustainability targets of the build.

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Sunshine Coast Stadium Expansion

The expansion of Sunshine Coast Stadium is vital for South East Queensland’s entertainment and sporting industry as Brisbane’s 2032 Olympic Games bid progresses.
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The Smith Collective

As one of Queensland’s largest multi-residential projects undertaken in a single stage, ADG ensured the project was structurally viable to accommodate Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games athletes and officials, while considering the structural needs of the precinct post-Games as it transformed into a thriving, mixed-use residential community.

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Toowoomba Regional Council Principal Depot

ADG significantly reduced construction time and costs of in-ground works associated with the construction of a new facility, to allow the consolidation of Toowoomba Regional Council’s essential infrastructure activities into a modern, purpose-built facility.

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