Our philosophy to simplify complexity means that we focus on the design of structures that deliver our clients’ requirements and make a positive difference to the community.

We see structural engineering as the science and art of providing a skeleton for any edifice. This could be a high- or low-rise building, monument, bridge, wharf, amusement ride, floating structure, residence, transmission tower, or even signage.

Underpinned by reliable and proven design principles, industry-leading technology and an advisory approach, we deliver performance-based structures for both new, existing and re-engineered buildings, always considering sustainability in our design.

We combine our technical engineering excellence and expertise with practical construction experience to provide bespoke solutions which consider efficiency, risk, material quantities, costs, logistics and labour through the design process.

To deliver the right structural solution, we work closely with the project team and consultants, contractors and sub-contractors, to develop the most suitable and effective outcomes for all involved.


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